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Check in with National Geographic photographers in the field from your phone

You can get a sneak preview of the work of National Geographic photographers in the field from your smartphone by following the new @NatGeo Instagram feed. I’m currently on my first assignment for the magazine, working in the high Andes mountains. I’ll post occasional photos from the field shot with my iPhone to the @NatGeo and to my own @TomasVH Instagram feed.

Laos | Open Secret multimedia in VII The Magazine

Laos Open Secret multimedia for VII The Magazine

The latest incarnation of my Laos | Open Secret photo project is featured with sound and video in VII The Magazine. The multimedia was edited by Scott Thode.

If you’ve been following this project, you’ll know that it would not have been possible without the support of 140 individuals through the crowd-funding platform. The International Rescue Committee is also supporting this work and helping to get the word out about the situation in Laos by distributing Open Secret mini-books.

If you would like to help raise awareness about the treatment of the Hmong in Laos, please actively share the multimedia link or contact me to order bulk copies of the mini-books for distribution.



Recent publications: 100 Photos du XXIe Siecle, Facebook offices in TIME and Korea in LIFE

100 Photos du XXIe SiecleDecember has brought a diverse batch of publications featuring some of my photos. Most notably, one of my images from the Maoist revolution in Nepal was chosen for the book 100 Photos du XXIe Siecle (100 Photos of the 21st Century), which was just published by la Martiniere in France and covers key global events from 2000-2010.

The photo, taken in 2005, shows a young female guerrilla soldier training with a battalion of other Maoists in the village of Gairigaon, which at the time was part of the rebels’ stronghold in far Western Nepal. Bizarrely, the girl in the photo is wearing a Britney Spears t-shirt, despite the fact that she is an indoctrinated Marxist fighter.

100 Photos du XXIe Siecle, Nepal 2005

The village was two separate plane flights and then another five days walk from Kathmandu. There was no electricity, and the soldiers were training in the yard of a dirt-floored school. Exactly how Britney Spears’ likeness appeared in such a remote scene remains one of the mysteries of globalization. My partner on the trip through the Maoist heartland was TIME journalist Alex Perry, and he recounts more about that journey and other adventures in his book Falling Off the Edge: Globalization, World Peace and Other Lies.

• • •

Next up is a rare peek inside the Facebook offices in Paris, France.

Facebook Office

Linked with the announcement that Mark Zuckerberg was named TIME’s Person of the Year, the magazine sent photographers to four of Facebook’s offices around the world. To see some of the images that didn’t make it in TIME, I’ve posted a larger selection here.

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And finally, has compiled the work of five award-winning photographers for a revealing photo essay about Korea.

North Korea: Inside a Secret State

Hats off to LIFE’s editors for including long, well written captions with each image. The additional information is especially helpful for a place that is so difficult to decipher.

Radio Interview about The Great Leap Backwards on CBC’s Dispatches

An interview about my photography of Red Tourism in China was recently broadcast on Canadian Radio as part of the CBC foreign affairs program, Dispatches. The podcast version of the audio segment can be found at the link below:


Dispatches: The Great Leap Backwards

CBC came across the photos published in the latest edition of Foreign Policy magazine. FP’s edit can be seen at the link below:


Foreign Policy: Maostalgia

A longer version of the story can be found on my website:

China | Mao Incorporated

Protected: Television interview on Arte Culture

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Radio interviews about Korea on BBC and NPR

Interviews about my photography inside North Korea were recently broadcast on the BBC World Service and on NPR’s All Things Considered. The audio segments can be found at the links below:


World Service: Undercover in North Korea

. . . . . . .


All Things Considered: Photojournalist Penetrates North Korea

. . . . . . .

*UPDATE, Sept. 2010: For a larger selection of photos, check out North Korea – Secrets and Lies in VII The Magazine.


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