The ‘Borderline: North Korea’ project is 147% funded. works, twice.

My second foray into crowd-funded photography with is drawing to a close with 90 backers signed-up. Amazingly, the project attracted far more support than the $5000 proposed budget. There is $7370 pledged with one day left for backers to participate.

I’m particularly grateful for the very large turnout of second-time backers. Many of the people who supported “21st Century Communism – Laos” last year are back to support “Borderline: North Korea.”

My largest backer this time is a talented photojournalism graduate student who signed-up for a private one-on-one workshop. We are already mapping out the details, and the workshop promises to be an exceptional experience for both of us.

And I’d like to thank founders Karim Ben Khelifa and Tina Ahrens who have worked tirelessly to improve the website since its launch less than a year ago. The interface is now easier for backers and photographers, and the addition of photo book publishing a few weeks ago has taken off with full force. I’d also like to give a special mention to Rachel Fourgous who edited the project video.

A huge thank you to each of my individual backers, and I look forward to all of your questions and comments within the project’s making-of-zone!



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  1. thanks for the wonderful share…
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