‘Behind the Curtains’ wins the 2012 POYi World Understanding Award

Behind the Curtains is the Winner of the POYi World Understanding Award.

Behind the Curtains POYi award winner

According to POYi, the World Understanding Award recognizes a photographer’s long-term project that focuses on the human condition and portrays a sense of justice or insight into difficult problems. This year’s awards ceremony is planned to be held in Chicago in late April.

Of special note, two of the photos in the 40-image portfolio were taken during my 2011 trip to Laos which was successfully funded by Emphas.is backers. This is the first time that I’ve won an award with photos created with the help of individual backers rather than with images which were self-funded or taken with the support of assignments and grants. I’m particularly proud that this honor can be shared with the people who were willing to put their faith in me and in an experimental new kind of photojournalism.

As reminder, there are only 12 days left to participate in my second Emphas.is campaign, which documents North Korea’s borders. At the time of writing, two-thirds of the project’s budget goal had been reached.

The same series of images which just won the POYi World Understanding Award is available in a new 288-page book. To get a copy, sign-up as a $65 backer or higher of Borderline: North Korea on the Emphas.is website before February 28th.

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