Down to the Wire

*UPDATE, APRIL 4, 2011: The project reached and surpassed its funding goal of $8800. It could not have happened without the amazing outpouring of support and generosity from 130+ backers, plus dozens of others who shared and posted the project link. To everyone that pitched in to help this project, I offer my most sincere thanks. This is very exciting, and I am thrilled to learn that so many people care about this issue and are willing to support in-depth photojournalism. Again, thank you.


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Thanks to the combined contributions of 100 supporters, we have raised $7371 in the last 24 days. I am truly inspired by the generosity and enthusiasm that this project has sparked. I extend a huge thank you to everyone already involved.

Now, it is down to the wire. There are only 4 days left to raise the remaining $1429 needed for the project. That means four days left to get a signed collector’s edition Laos mini-book, or a limited-edition art print from North Korea, Nepal, China, Moldova, Cuba, Vietnam or Laos. There are only four days left to get access to the project’s “Making Of Zone,” where backers are already posting dozens of interesting questions and comments.

If you are still wondering whether you should get involved or not, now is the time join us!


In partnership with, an innovative internet startup, this project is a groundbreaking experiment in community-funded photojournalism. For the past three weeks, I’ve been simultaneously fundraising, photographing in Laos, and sending exclusive updates to project supporters.

My intention is not only to build a community of supporters that care about this subject, but to distribute this underreported story in a powerful way. Mini-edition books will be sent to prime backers, human rights groups, NGOs, and influential policy makers, while a multimedia piece will be featured in VII The Magazine.


By contributing, you become an active participant in shaping the future of photojournalism. If this project is successful, it will offer new proof of the importance of in-depth visual journalism, and show that dedicated individuals are ready to stand up and support it.

Crowd-funding on is all or nothing: if we don’t reach the $8800 goal by April 5th, all contributions are returned to backers’ accounts.


Since this project campaign launched 24 days ago, it has gathered considerable interest in the press and on blogs, with mentions in The New York Times, The British Journal of Photography, Wired RAW File, A Photo Editor, Photo District News, Photoshelter, Eclats de guerre, and  Rapporteurs Photo. We’ve got some serious momentum behind us, and the finish line is now only days away.

If you haven’t already done so, please add your contribution to the project and join in spreading the news.

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