2009 The Year in Pictures

Below is a link to a retrospective of my work this year including the Obama inauguration seen from Paris, urban renewal in Warsaw, and maternal health in Niger. Once again, most of my energy went  into my ongoing  project on global communism with fresh pictures from Cuba, coverage of the anti-communist riots in Moldova, a look at the self-declared republic of Transnistria, and a preview of my new work on Red Tourism in China.

copyright Tomas van Houtryve2009 The Year in Pictures by Tomas van Houtryve

This work would not be possible without the support and collaboration of numerous editors, colleagues, fixers and friends. Among those that I would like to acknowledge for their contribution in 2009 are Marianne Alfsen, David Arnott, Annie Boulat, Mathilde Damoisel, Marie-Sylvie Demarest, Cyril Drouhet, Bryan Erickson, Adrian Evans, Bruno Fert, David Hogsholt, Christie Johnston, Whitney Johnson, Mira Kamdar, Christian Kirk-Jensen, Marie Lelievre, Delphine Lelu, Olivia Lenard, Jean-Francois Leroy, Alain Lewkowicz, Susan Meiselas, Gina Martin, Evelyne Masson, John McConnico, Fanny Merrien, Maia Metaxa, Fredrik Naumann, Alex Perry, Michael Regnier, Pep Rigol, Molly Roberts, Mark Rykoff, Cynthia Schibli, Lonnie Schlein, Adeline Sombert, Bonnie Stutski, Josh Tyrangiel, Pauline Vermare, Janis Vougioukas, Mark Walsh, Patrick Witty, Maria Wood, Ellen Xu, Yukiko Yamagata, Amy Yenkin, Cristina Zelich, Quito Ziegler and undoubtedly several others that I forgot to mention here…

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